The Easy Mixer

Trojka est. 1994

Trojka is your companion for long summer nights, parties with you at music festivals, joins you in celebrating at home, and is always there at the start of unforgettable nights. Because Trojka is where you have fun, enjoy your life and party like there was no tomorrow.
Trojka is for all those who are as they are and who share their joy in life. For those who like good drinks, but not the time-consuming preparation of cocktails. And for all those who don’t take life too seriously and want to have a good time together.

Easy Mixer

It couldn’t be easier: Trojka, the easy-mixer brand from Switzerland!
In just three steps, you can mix your long drink without having to compromise on the variety of flavours. With Trojka, everyone’s a bartender conjuring up amazing drinks on the counter in a jiffy.

Diversity of Our Products

The Trojka range is as diverse and colourful as the community itself. The brand offers something for every palate. The basis of all the products is Trojka Vodka Pure Grain, in addition to which there are over 10 vodka liqueurs and one ready-to-drink cocktail.
Whether fruity-sweet, refreshingly minty or creamy, these easy mixers are as versatile as life itself. No matter the event or party, Trojka’s always the right companion for you.

Drinks as Easy as 1-2-3

Discover a variety of drink recipes – with Trojka to inspire you. You’ll find a recipe for every Trojka flavour.
From simple variations (easy as 1-2-3) to classic vodka cocktails, everything’s included for a successful party. Have fun browsing.


Trojka – the easy mixer is one of the first spirits brands to go into partnership with ClimatePartner; we’ve been producing climate-neutral products in Willisau since 2021.

Switzerland’s largest vodka and vodka liqueur brand has been completely CO2-neutral in terms of production and distribution since 2021. As a result, 1,630,000 kilograms of CO2 are offset every year – an ecological contribution to a greener future.

We support a clean drinking water project in Mozambique. Find out more about the project here: CLEAN DRINKING WATER